Brown Linen or Burlap Look In for Spring

Brown Linen or Burlap Look In for Spring


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The Brown Linen or Burlap look is all the rage for Spring this year .  We have a wonderful way to decorate your home to look elegant at affordable prices.  Check out our new Runners, Place Mats, Table Cloths and Window Treatment at our website at for all the prices.

Table Linens for Less in Bright Spring Colors

Spring is in the air and new flowers are popping up everywhere.  Easter will be here soon and we have Lilies to decorate all your tables. They are also available in our hard to find Fire Place Mantle Scarfs, Couch Scarfs, Window Valances, Dining Room and Living Room Runners and Place Mats and Table Toppers.  See our web site for all the new Spring line and start decorating your home with colors of Blues, Lavenders, Purples, Pinks and Yellows. The Hummingbirds are humming and the Butterflies are flying and making beautiful noise all around the home this Spring.  Visit our website for all our Spring Table Fashions at  Get our linens here for less than what  you would pay in department stores.

Hummingbird Table Cloths | Summer Linens

hummingbird table cloths

The summer days are now upon us and Linens, Art & Things is introducing our Summer collection. Introducing our Hummingbird Table Cloths with Honeysuckle patterns. States like Arizona, California and Texas have a great number of different types of these beautiful hummingbirds. These beautiful table cloths, runners and place mats are all great home decor options to highlight the season.

Hummingbird Table Cloths | Trending This Summer

We believe there is nothing better than brightening your home with themes that match the season. Our complete linen collection can help you bring out each season. Currently the Hummingbird table cloths are our customers top choice for this summer, along with the matching hummingbird table runners and place mats. You can view our complete summer collection here and we have highlighted the Hummingbird collection at the bottom of this article.

A lot of our collections and patterns are able to be used and enjoyed through multiple seasons and some all year long like our White Lace linen collection

If you are a Humming bird enthusiast or just love these birds as much as we do, you may find this site we found enjoyable,  they label each state and the hummingbirds that live there.

This humingbird table cloth and the complete collection are available for shipping across the United States. Canada customers, please contact us for shipping information and pricing.

These affordable hummingbird table cloths have seen a country wide trend, with sells from surprising states like North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Montana, Idaho and Pennsylvania. Regardless of where you live, we hope you enjoy this summer collection item as much as we do. Please don’t forget to share, tweet or post out your purchase on your favorite social media sites. As a growing business, we truly appreciate it when our customers help us get the information out about our site and the collections we offer.

Inexpensive Table Linens

Mother’s Day is almost here and our “Texas Blue Bonnet” items have been selling great all over the country. So surprised where they are selling beside Texas.  These are some of the states we are shipping them to,  California, Indiana, Mississippi and Arkansas and as far away as The Netherlands.   We have been selling a lot of the White and Gold Lace Place Mats and Runners for the table and coffee table, too.  There are only 10 days left to ship your Mother’s Day items, so hurry and place your order.

We will be at Canton Market Days this week-end and it should be a big week-end.  It will be cool in the mornings and just right in the afternoon.  Come and see us if you are in Texas.  We love doing this show as we see people from all over the country.  The Snow Birds from So. Texas come through on their way home for the summer.  It is the biggest “Flea Market” in the country with over 5,000 booths.  You will find anything you could ever image there. We are under a big covered walkway so you will stay dry if we have a passing rain shower.  There will be  100,000 or more people coming through this week-end so bring your walking shoes and prepared for the crowds.  It is so much fun and you will love looking at all the merchandise.  There are items for the husband and kids, alike.  Y’ll come on Down!!

Our next show coming up besides Canton once a month, will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the “An Affair of the Heart” show.  It is big also with over 700 booths and it is indoors.  We always do very well there.  We feature “Christmas in July” and introduce all our new Christmas Linens.  We see people from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas. and Missouri.

Cheap Table Linens for Mother’s Day

Soon it will be Mother’s Day (May 15) and you will be purchasing gifts for your Mother.  We have a wonderful suggestion, why not give her something she wouldn’t buy for herself.  Beautiful table linens such as Place Mats, Table Runners, or even a new Table Cloth for her Dining Room Table or Kitchen Table.  All of our European Linens are special with beautiful cut work lace and lovely embroidered flowers, roosters or just grapes and vines.  We also have in stock a large assortment of table toppers to match each of the table settings and would make a wonderful gift for any decor’.  Just include a colorful 70″ skirt under cloth to match the topper and wala…. you have a beautiful setting. Any Mother would be pleased to receive a gift like this and would be so proud to display them with their beautiful fine china table setting.

We also have a large selection in our “Doily Angels” for your wonderful Mother to display in her kitchen or bedroom. Our Angels are very popular with Mothers and are exclusive to our web site.  These are all made by hand using our own style of Doilies, Wooden Spoons and Gold Rings as Halos.  See our Angel listing on our site to order yours today. Remember, these are all “handmade” so your order needs to be placed early for shipping by Mother’s Day.

We still have a nice selection of “Blue Bonnet” runners, place mats, table toppers and mantle scarfs.  These won’t last long and when they are sold out, we will not be getting anymore in.  These are an exclusive to our web site for Spring. I think your Mother will be so proud of this item.


Order early for best selections and remember, we still are offering “Free Shipping” with every order.

Free Shipping Ending Soon On Embroidered Table Runners, Place Mats

Free shipping is ending soon at the end of the month of March.  Hurry in for this Free Shipping on all our Table Runners, Place Mats, Table Cloths and Mantle Scarfs.  We now have the “Blue Bonnet” Window Valances in stock at 20″ X 54″ length and will be featured on our web site next month.  If you have purchased the Mantle you may need to get the Valances to match.  All of our “Blue Bonnet” table linens are still on sale and we have new additions such as the Antique Rose Gray Burlap Look Linen Table Runners, Place Mats and Mantle Scarfs as well as the Table Toppers. See each in their category.  Next month we will feature another item on sale.  Watch our newsletter to see what it will be. We now have the new “Blue Bonnet” Window Valances in to match our Runners, Place Mats and Mantle Scarfs. Watch for the addition to our web site next month for all our new Window Valances.

Our next trade show will be in Canton, Texas at the Market Days and we will be in the 4500 Building, #4515-16 starting on April 2nd. You will have a wonderful time shopping and there is a lot to see, so bring your walking shoes and shop, shop until you drop.   Come to see us and all our table linens and other items for sale. Remember, to see all our items on sale and email us if you have any questions at

Next month we will send newsletters out on April 6, 2015, so watch your emails.  We have some exciting things going on at Linens, Art and Things to announce. Our Spring is just filled with fun things and exciting new Runners, Place Mats and Table Cloths.

Hope you have a Happy Easter and enjoy our site.